a way

Direction/Installation design/Performance: Michiyasu Furutani
Music: Elmer Kussiac

23-25/Aug/2018 at The International Street Theatre Festival of Aurillac

Cultures, economics, and politics are indispensable for cities and citizens, and so is labor in whatever form it is. A region of dance is also a part of labor. In order for choreographers/performers to express movements, it requires unceasing physical actions, which forms the foundation of the corporeal sense, that becomes a dance/performance, and that turns out to be labor. The repetitive movements channel the primitive impulse that lies in deep of our body.

A person appears in this piece, carrying a huge trunk with more than 5 meters long, making a path from a fountain to a tree-planting spot in a park by 30-minute walk. Using only an ordinary rope and a body, the person transports the trunk absorbed plenty of water from the fountain. It might be seen as a performance or labor.

Labor in economic activities is the foundation of capital and also has the effect of creating solidarity among individuals. The same is true of this performance. Many people give a hand unconditionally to support the performer/labor heading for the final spot with the big tree. At this very moment, the collaboration happening between the performer and the audience goes beyond the framework that usually exists in any form of art. It transcends the boundaries of art’s structure and transforms into a space for festive.

When the audience encounters this primitive actions, what kind of insight does emerge, and what type of reaction will form which may lurk in our deep inside?