AmnAsia: Amnesia of Asia – Asian Performing Artists Lab (APAL) @ Performing Arts Festival Berlin in 27th May 2021

Asian artists frequently receive attention for their work only when they speak about topics that German mainstream society has earmarked for them. One of the goals of the Asian Performing Artists Lab is to support artists of Asian backgrounds in creating works that produce a broader spectrum of Asian voices and open a self-determined space for their topics and aesthetics. At the end of a four-day residency, the participating artists will present their works-in-progress, followed by a post-performance discussion.

Presented Projects:
A writer goes fishing for lost voice. // Avrina Prabala-Joslin (India)
A borrowed field. // Michiyasu Furutani (Japan)
ZUSAMMEN/zerissen/SEIN // Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn (Germany)
Songs From the Second Floor // Wang Ping-Hsiang, Tien Yi-Wei & Shen Sum-Sum (Taiwan)
KIRIKIRI キリキリ // Nine Yamamoto-Masson (Japan-France)