Garden of Timbers

Concept/Performance: Michiyasu Furutani
System design: Hironori Kawaida
Light: Marc Lagies
Photos: Evgenia Chetvertkova
dramaturgical support: Sandra Man, Moritz Majce

08/Jan/2022 at Flutgraben Berlin

An ongoing dance/installation work implemented by a performer and spectators within a forest of lumbers.
The lumber occupies the presentation space in the form of precarious and unbalanced arrangements without any risk protections. In the presentation area, spectators can freely move around to see and touch the installed lumbers’ details.
With consideration of movements that could indicate a sign of life, some lumbers have the infrared sensor and motion sensor capturing motions of spectators to reproduce their vital activity, vibration and illumination by ERM motor, Stepping motor and LED lights with eerie sounds when spectators approach the lumber. Also, an apparatus for motion capturing grabs movements that emerge in the presentation room. The captured image appears on a monitor sitting next to lumbers with a highlighted visual effect that displays any actions occurring in the scope of the monitor. Through these movements, no difference in the simple actions executed by people and lumbers, the presentation aims to place whole presence in a similar position and hopes to have awareness for the repeatedly abandoned companionship in the choice-oriented life we are in, we are making, and we are made of.

Videos: from the test scene for motion capturing (above) and from the presentation (below)

Some of Sensors and Motors attached to Lumber’s to wear their movements

Digest movements images