Concept/Design/Creation/Performance by Malte Hirsbrunner and Michiyasu Furutani
31/Aug, 1/Sep/2018 at Dessau Bauhaus

“Bubbles” examines the relationship between beholders and space, which involves yellow bubbles itself in terms of physical circumstances as well as mental condition. The bubbles settle in various spots within Dessau Bauhaus to welcome observers. The observers can possibly touch them and transport them to arbitrary positions. At some moment, two bubbles convert into a performative sphere when performers enter inside. The performers implement animated acts with portable gadgets to communicate with each other while moving around the whole building. From this moment, the bubbles turn into the side of observers, which is the opposite of the moment before. Outside of a secure yellow cradle, the entire environment suddenly becomes the subject of observation for the bubbles. How does the correlation between the bubbles and people reflect on our social/physical distance and behaviour? Is it possible to re-reverse the position of them segregated by the yellow membrane? How?

The Yellow “BUBBLE,” the outward appearance resembles a simply invader/bug/germ as if to transgress standards or norms, moves around the architecture of Dessau Bauhaus which was functionally, ergonomically, timelessly designed. In this sense, the building becomes a body; the “BUBBLE” becomes a yellow blood cell. Hopefully, the “BUBBLE” is brought to every corner of the building by observers’ physical activity or even in the form of photos as in the same way of occupying the Internet with a multitude of anonymous images uploaded everyday.

The “BUBBLE” has no sharp line nor fixed frame but certainly exists in the close shot as flexible shape, as a blurred curve line object, which is a central component of nature, that somehow attracts our eye in contrast to Bauhaus’s straight design.

Also, the “BUBBLE” itself creates a region of movement, because of swing movements by a fan and observer’s appreciation for art, which might be called the Bubble of the “BUBBLE.” On top of this idea, we are interested in creating movements, how to provide reactions of observers by the “BUBBLE” ‘s dimension, weight and durational performative acts.

a Testing scene