continuity on a line 

Concept/Performance: Michiyasu Furutani
Object design: Malte Hirsbrunner

03/Sep/2021 at Rathausvorplatz Wedding

Continuity on a line is a presentation driven by a dancer with an act of slow movement proceeding forward, approximately 1 minute per 10 meters, on a path. The slow movement reflects the theoretical and practical research of the continuous attractive force gravity, and the style of the progress employing object and body will be developed during the research period. The slow velocity of progress amplifies the time scale of observers and the dancer, which allows us to scrutinize the current environmental circumstances – “new normal” distance and intimacy while extending our empathic realm for others to find a channel of public space in the post-pandemic era.

“Each individual step is small and tedious in our age of globalization. However, the steps never stop moving forward, serving as statements and resistance -it’s a calm protest, a quiet rebellion. It overcomes obstacles without avoiding pursuing unforeseen destinations and a new form of society.”

©︎Michiyasu Furutani