Direction: Michiyasu Furutani
Composition: Adam Goodwin
Performance: Adam Goodwin, Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Sofia Borges, Michiyasu Furutani
Costume: Lisa Simpson
Light Design: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Tutorship: Sandra Noeth
Mentorship: Antja Kennedy, Margit Schild

8,9/Dec/2018 at Uferstudio, Berlin

“I8” is a presentation based on a notation system with performative movements supported by live musical acts and movable objects.  The notation has two aspects, the first being a notation for movements guided by a research on “Motif notation” and the other based on musical notation, which are merged in to one. All movements by the performers consist of multiple physical acts focused on the effect of gravitational force, reflecting the theoretical research of gravity.  “I8” examines how we subconsciously rely on gravity, which sustains our life and behaviour literally and figuratively, and unfolds an emotional state through its dynamism.  The project also incorporates instant body movements that collaborate with impromptu sounds, and explores a boundary between foreseen and unforeseen events, which exists not only in notation, but also in life.

Left: A score that describes the choreographic movements which is based on function of gravity.

Right: Captured images from a Video, showing series of movements which is described on left side.