Re-Inventing Memories

Choreography: Michiyasu Furutani, Nora Amin
Composition: Adham El-Said, Ehab Abdellatif
Performance: Randa Bashlah, Nisren Habib, Farah Abou Assali, Wedad Hashem, Dina Gamaleldin Youssef Abdelhafez, Lama Hwijeh, Lailas Alboni, Michiyasu Furutani, Nora Amin, Adham El-Said

11/Jun/2022 at Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Taking a ceremonial & ritualistic approach in which migrant bodies deliver a background of cultural diversity, the performance inquires how the collective action reclaims/reshapes the space, occupies the memory of the visitors/spectators, and transforms the encounter into a ritual of togetherness through interaction.
The ritual/ceremony is choreographed as an authentic practice employing performative movements and vocalisation, while attempting to shift the focus from the physicality of the building and towards the construction of a collective/active memory.
The togetherness will leave its traces in the space and in the being of every person who contributed to the ritual. It could be a ritual of self-liberation, retrieving togetherness and conceiving a new spirit of the space beyond its materiality.

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