Repetitive Micro Reaction

Direction: Michiyasu Furutani
Performance: Michiyasu Furutani, a stone

12/Dec/2019 at TATWERK, Berlin

A dance/performance piece that is developed along with a story based on the dancer’s personal experience at a friend’s funeral: being offered to ingest a piece of bone and ashes of the deceased friend at a crematorium. The stone which the dancer converses with is a figurative shape of the friend’s bone.

In the stage space, the dancer faces the stone, creating a non-virtual dialogue based on physical body movements with offering a glass of water and touching. The aim is to seek the potential to engage in cognitive exchange amongst living and non-living things, and to explore how to carve a form that have no shape, such as thoughts and emotions. These internal movements are emerged not only in someone at the scene but also in the mind of observers. If these invisible shapes can be recognized, is it possible to say that we gain the possibility of a way to have empathy for all matters? Is it possible to talk with a beloved person who is gone?