Touching without Touch

Choreography: Michiyasu Furutani
Performance: Karolína Voleská
Lighting: Cross Attic

11/Jun/2020 International Performance Festival ‘Performance Crossings’ at Cross Attic, Prague

“Touching without touch” was conceived amid the restriction on contact with people in public spaces caused by COVID-19.
The presentation is mediated by a presenter following an audio score which prompts and reminds physical and mental movements within a space surrounded by spectators, to look for connections with people who locate in remote spaces. The score is composed of a machine-generated voice that invites the spectators to listen to the sound instruction with the presenter simultaneously. How does the score establish a connection between the presenter and the spectators, also with the absent people? How do the presenter and spectators expand the limitation of their tangible area? When we are unable to physically interact with others, how do we make ourselves aware of, recall, cooperate with that others?

©Světlana Lopato
‘Touching without touch’ Sound instruction